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If you’re looking for a gift that is unique and extraordinary, then this is the way to go! A perfect box of traditional Palestinian treasures awaits someone special…


  • Palestinian Black Seed Oil
  • Palestinian Olive Oil
  • Palestinian Kufia
  • Friends Of Al Aqsa publication
  • The Night Journey Book
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Enjoy this natural and high-quality extra virgin olive oil, coming to you directly from Palestine: the ”home” of the olive tree. With 100% healthy fats, Holy Land Dates olive oil is a necessary ingredient for not only your salad dressing but even your daily diet!

The traditional Palestinian scarf is known as Kufiya, Keffiyeh, or Hatta. The iconic shawl is the unofficial Palestinian flag and carries deep meaning for Palestinians. Hirbawi has been the original manufacturer of the traditional Kufiya since 1961, and now 60 years later, is the only original source of the Palestinian Kufiya

Sourced from Palestine, the Holy Land Dates extra virgin, the cold-pressed black seed oil is a special addition to your kitchen. This oil is great for digestion and blood pressure and is often enjoyed straight from the bottle. Some people prefer adding honey or lemon to it before consuming this to balance out the taste but is an extremely healthy addition to your diet.


Strong Black Seed Oil 100ml
100ml pure cold-pressed black seed oil 


Palestinian Olive Oil 250ml

100% Healthy Fats


Palestinian Kufia

Colours available: Red and White, Black and White


The Night Journey

The journey from Makkah to Jerusalem was followed by the Heavenly Ascent which took the Prophet through the seven Heavens and brought him to the Almighty, Lord of the Worlds.

The night Journey (al-Isra) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and was followed by the Heavenly Ascent (al-Miraj) which took the Prophet (SAW) through the seven Heavens and brought him to the All Mighty Allah (saw), the Lord of the Worlds. It was one of the most incredible events in the history of humanity and occurred at a time when the Prophet (SAW) was going through the most difficult phase in his life.

The Night Journey raised many controversies which challenged Islam and questioned the faith of the believers. This book takes the reader through the incredible and fascinating voyage in a chronological order. It details the physical features of the Journey and emcompasses the spiritual dimension which has significance for every believer for all time to come.

This incredible journey undertaken by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) through the power of Allah ensured that his faith remained unbending and enabled him to face the vast challenges to come during his Prophethood. This book will instil in the believer a greater understanding of the significance of the Night Journey, the high rank of the Prophet (SAW) and the realisation of the Greatness of Allah’s power.

The Night Journey – Al-Isra’ wa al-Mi’raj


Friends Of Al Aqsa publication

Learn about the daily injustices in Palestine

Injustice Illustrated is a hand-drawn booklet with key facts on the different aspects of injustice ingrained in the everyday lives of the Palestinian people




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