Over the years we have collaborated with some amazing brands as well as fantastic individuals!

If we have learnt anything over the years then it is that collaborations will only work if the terms are clearly transparent and agreed beforehand as well as both parties having respect and mutual understanding to help each other.

Therefore for us to consider a collaboration the following steps are taken and considered :

You cannot be a brand that is conflicting with our brand ethics and morals.

Paid collaborations will only be accepted if you are able to add us as a brand partner on your posts so we have access to your insights. Invoices must be supplied and written confirmation of agreed collab will need to be confirmed by both sides.

We accept non payment collaborations in return for sending out a product for “free” based on you taking good quality images for your feed/social platforms. Please note our products are very premium so it is always at a cost for us plus the postage etc.

We don’t just look at the number of followers! Rest assured it’s quality not quantity – therefore we want to know about your engagement stats and if you think you can help us with brand awareness regardless of your number of followers and can give us justification for this then we want to hear from you!

If you would love to partner with us please contact us at:


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