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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the Covid19 situation this collection has been effected with the book; 99 Blessed Names and Characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) being unavailable at the moment however we are pleased to replace this title with The Night Journey.

The night Journey (al-Isra) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and was followed by the Heavenly Ascent (al-Miraj) which took the Prophet (SAW) through the seven Heavens and brought him to the All Mighty Allah (saw), the Lord of the Worlds. It was one of the most incredible events in the history of humanity and occurred at a time when the Prophet (SAW) was going through the most difficult phase in his life. This book will instil in the believer a greater understanding of the significance of the Night Journey, the high rank of the Prophet (SAW) and realisation of the Greatness of Allah’s power.

Following on from this book we have tried to revive the Sunnah by including a Miswak as part of this gift. The Miswak most commonly comes from the roots of the Salvadora Persica plant (also known as the mustard tree). It is called Arak in Arabic  and The Beloved Prophet (pbuh) states, “Miswak is a thing that pleases the Merciful Lord.”*

This little box of goodies can be the essential go to box for Friday Jummah days! It includes many of the little items needed to perform the Sunnah acts before going to Jummah prayer such as the premium Brass Comb engraved “Fine and Dandy” to ensure beard and hair is pristine  as well as a high quality Knitted Prayer Cap which comes in two  popular colours.

Finally we have upgraded the collection with our new product; Thistle & Black Pepper Beard Oil. 

Tame your beard with this soothing and hydrating Beard Oil. Infused with black pepper, amber and sandalwood, you’re guaranteed to feel slick. 

Additional Information

Blessed Names and Characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Author: Abdur Rahim Kidwai

Vacuum sealed

Brass comb
Comb Measurements: Length 18cm, Width 4.5cm
Engraved: Fine and Dandy

Knitted Prayer Cap
Choose from 2 colours; Black or Grey

Beard Oil
Thistle & Black Pepper Beard Oil