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Saltuary means; favorable to or promoting health or conducive to some beneficial purpose; wholesome.

This hamper includes a comprehensive islamic-based gratitude journaling concept cultivating well-being through spiritual reflection and remembrance as well as scientific principles – it’s more than just a journal.

In addition to the journal we have also included a beautiful 33 bead Tasbih which you can choose from 2 colours.

This little hamper has been created to suit many occasions and scenarios, including the somber ones of losing a loved one. The Salutary hamper offers someone to reflect on Allah’s blessings and gives them a sense of hope to push through and remember that Allah’s blessings is always upon us even when times are so tough.

The Tasbih will remind a recipient to get closer to Allah and virtues of remembering allah as a healing process…



Additional Information

Taqdeer Gratitude Journal
Hardback gratitude journal

Silver 33 Bead Tasbih – 33 bead tasbih with pearlesque and antique silver or clear crystallised style beads