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Also known as sugar candy rock or candy sugar, these originated in India and Persia hundreds of years ago. Now as it was done at that time, this type of sugar is obtained from a supersaturated solution of sugar and water which crystallises onto a surface (string wires or wood sticks).

To perform this crystallisation process, the water is heated to allow more sugar to dissolve than at room temperature. This allows large crystals (crystallisation) to form as the solution cools and evaporates (process takes around one week).


Adding sweetness to your hot drink couldn’t be more elegant! Each stick has approx 8g of sugar which is suitable for a cup of coffee, tea or infusion.

Depending on the amount of sweetness desired, the whole or a part of the sugar candy can dissolve. We recommend, in order to appreciate the mellowish sweetness of sugar candy, to put it into the cup or glass when the contents is hot and stir it for faster dissolution.


Approx 30g per stick

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