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Specially selected artwork by Canadian artist Saleha Contractor called 99 Names of Allah – “Allah swt has 99 names and anyone who learns them will enter paradise”- Prophet Muhammad PBUH 

Faith changes the way we understand reality.

With the current global situation, it’s easy to look at things the way everyone sees it. We have to look at any trial such as the current one with the lens of imaan.

Iman is more than believing in God. Each of His names is suited for every situation.

He is al-Wali, guardian, “my friend who will protect me”

He is Ar-Razzaq, the provider, “He will provide for me”.

No matter how unsafe everyone else feels, “I know allah is there and he will protect me”. We should review the names of allah to attain comfort and strengthen our imaan. While everyone is in a state of hysteria, we can stay calm because we have imaan.

Islam isn’t just about trusting Allah and sitting back. He teaches us caution. Use common sense. Our religion teaches us responsibility. Do what you have to do but stay true to your morals. This current trial may affect our livelihood, health, safety etc. It may disrupt our life in many ways… But remember to always have a good opinion of Allah. Think back at all the times you were in a difficult situation and remember how he brought you out of it.

So how can we entertain the thought that he will abandon us now?

Reviewing the names of Allah and understanding the meanings will help provide comfort and strengthen our faith inshaAllah


Printed on quality photo paper for optimal colour.

Print size: 8″ x 10″

Mounted Frame: Wood

Colour: Black

Frame size: 28.6 x 23.5 cm

please note frame colour can be replaced with silver  if there is no black available

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