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Fizzy Cola Drops 160g

An oldie, but a goodie! Our fizzy cola drops will take you back to the best days of your life…your childhood! Presented in our classic retro sweet jars, they make a great gift too.

.Keep these goodies tightly sealed after opening them once so that they can remain fresh.Make sure to also store them in a cool dried place so that they don’t stick together.


Van Nahman Fruit Secco 750ml – Grape

It takes six months’ maturing in the bottle to develop the perfect aromatic quality of the grapes. 
Would make a wonderful complement to a lemon meringue pie or simply alongside strawberries and cream.

WIth a crisp taste, and rich in fruits, these alcohol free drinks boast an intensity of flavour and are lightweight in body.


Coffee Dusted Hazelnuts 125g

Our crisp, earthy hazelnuts smothered in chocolate and dusted with coffee are a delight to nibble on! Perfect for snacking on the go, and even as a cheeky midnight snack.


Chocolate Chip Cookies 200g

Chunky pieces of chocolate, scattered around on a crisply, crunchy baked biscuit?! Yes please!!

Our choc chip biscuits are a delight to savour. Dip them with some milk or bring them out for those special tea/coffee breaks. 

These come in our signature biscuit tubes which are pretty in design and work great as a gift.


Walnut & Sea Salt Chocolate Bar 100g

Rich and quality Belgian Dark Chocolate that will hit the spot for any dark choc lovers. Cut through the intensity of the chocolate with the subtle taste of sea salt enrobed with crunchy pieces of chopped walnuts. The combination is great!


Jasmine & Rose Chocolate Bar 100g

Velvety smooth Belgian Milk Chocolate subtly infused with Jasmine and scattered with pure rose petals. This is a pretty bar and perfect for gifting too.


Yoghurt Covered Raspberries 180g

Packed in our lovely tin are these delicious dried raspberries coated in yoghurt. They have a great sweet taste with a slight sharpness as you bite into the raspberry. Be warned, they can be addictive and you may want another tin soon!


Crystallised Sugar Sticks

Adding sweetness to your hot drink couldn’t be more elegant! Each stick has approx 8g of sugar which is suitable for a cup of coffee, tea or infusion. Depending on the amount of sweetness desired, the whole or a part of the sugar candy can dissolve. We recommend, in order to appreciate the mellowish sweetness of sugar candy, to put it into the cup or glass when the contents is hot and stir it for faster dissolution.


Van Nahman Fruit Secco 750ml – Apple & Quince

The van Nahmen Frucht-Secco is an aperitif without alcohol – a pure, stimulating enjoyment of freshness and fruit. Composing the juice of apple and quince, you get a Cuvee with an impressively full flavor.

Simply made for one another. The tart and edgy-acidic quince and the juicy-sweetness of the apple complement one another quite wonderfully. 


Petite Macarons

Elegant and irresistible –  these lightweight French Petite Macarons come in a variety of flavours including: Pistachio, Chocolate and Passion Fruit. Our macarons, certainly won’t disappoint and make a sweet little treat for tea time and evening snacks.


Hot Chocolate Stirrers in Box

Gorgeously velvety in texture, with a rich yet intensely deep chocolate flavour topped with our signature flavours of both ever so creamy fudge and refreshing mint.

We’re sure our stirrers will go down a treat. Perfect for sharing and great for ‘me’ times.