Immerse yourself into a realm of food indulgence – from decadent chocolates and biscuits, to creamy cheese and fruity fizz. Explore wonderful flavours and textures from our very own Mubarak London brand products to carefully selected brands from around the world.

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Luxury Chocolate Truffles

These delicious truffles are handmade and come in 6 tantalising flavours such as Kulfi, Salted Caramel and Marshmallow Praline. What makes them fabulous though is that they’re dairy free, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians!!

Packaged in our cute box encased with 12 truffles, these make a great gift on their own or as part of a hamper should you wish to make your very own bespoke box.


Petite Macarons

Elegant and irresistible –  these lightweight French Petite Macarons come in a variety of flavours including: Pistachio, Chocolate and Passion Fruit. Our macarons, certainly won’t disappoint and make a sweet little treat for tea time and evening snacks.


Decadent Dates

Juicy, soft and sweet medjool dates handpicked and selected to be coated with only the finest Belgian Chocolate. These dates come in White, Milk, Dark and Caramel flavour Chocolate as well as being filled with some tantalising combinations such as Salted Caramel, Lemon Curd and Peanut Butter!

That’s right, true to it’s name these dates are truly decadent in taste and in a keepsake tin they’re great as a gift too.


Hot Chocolate Stirrers in Box

Gorgeously velvety in texture, with a rich yet intensely deep chocolate flavour topped with our signature flavours of both ever so creamy fudge and refreshing mint.

We’re sure our stirrers will go down a treat. Perfect for sharing and great for ‘me’ times.


Van Nahman Fruit Secco 750ml – Grape

It takes six months’ maturing in the bottle to develop the perfect aromatic quality of the grapes. 
Would make a wonderful complement to a lemon meringue pie or simply alongside strawberries and cream.

WIth a crisp taste, and rich in fruits, these alcohol free drinks boast an intensity of flavour and are lightweight in body.


Van Nahman Fruit Secco 750ml – Apple & Quince

The van Nahmen Frucht-Secco is an aperitif without alcohol – a pure, stimulating enjoyment of freshness and fruit. Composing the juice of apple and quince, you get a Cuvee with an impressively full flavor.

Simply made for one another. The tart and edgy-acidic quince and the juicy-sweetness of the apple complement one another quite wonderfully. 


Coffee Dusted Hazelnuts 125g

Our crisp, earthy hazelnuts smothered in chocolate and dusted with coffee are a delight to nibble on! Perfect for snacking on the go, and even as a cheeky midnight snack.


Sundried Tomato & Garlic Chutney 280g

Sense the Mediterranean as you open this jar of tomato tangy goodness, buried in with smoked garlic. Perfect on top of your toasted Bruschetta, accompanied with cheese or part of the sides at your glamorous dinner party perhaps.


Clotted Cream Fudge 170g

Perfect for those sweet tooth lovers out there! Our clotted cream fudge is rich in taste and texture and packs a powerful creamy toffee punch. Perfect for passing around the table as an after dinner delight (great for replacing those boring old mints instead).

Why not try to cut the fudge up into chunks and sprinkle it on top of ice-cream or even use it when you’re baking, as an alternative idea? Whatever way you choose to enjoy them, we know you’ll love this treat  as it tantalises your tastebuds.


Chocolate Chip Cookies 200g

Chunky pieces of chocolate, scattered around on a crisply, crunchy baked biscuit?! Yes please!!

Our choc chip biscuits are a delight to savour. Dip them with some milk or bring them out for those special tea/coffee breaks. 

These come in our signature biscuit tubes which are pretty in design and work great as a gift.


Lemon Crisp Cookies 200g

Zesty, fresh and bright, These are all the words we associate with our lovely lemon crisp cookies, but above all, we love to use the word scrumptious for them! These citrus delights are the perfect pairing at tea times, lunch times and even as a midnight snack! Enjoy a light treat for when you’re feeling peckish and pass them around for others to savour too!