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Powerful Protection By Saleha

Specially selected artwork by Canadian artist Saleha Patel called Powerful Protection Inspired by the concept of a shield which guards a believer who recites the 4 Quls with complete faith in Allah swt. 

The last four Surahs in the Holy Quran are short yet very heavy as the benefits they provide are significant to the believer. These four Quls are known to provide “powerful protection”. Hence, this painting symbolizes the concept of a shield which guards a believer who recites these surahs with complete faith in Allah swt. See how the painting is heavy in textures & movement yet the ayahs are guarded. 

Benefits of Reciting 4 Quls: 
Surah Ikhlaas: Equivalent to reciting 1/3rd of the Quran. Prophet Muhammad loved this Surah. Reciting this Surah 200 times a day will wipe away 50 years of sins, unless one is in debt (Tirmidhi).

Also, Surah Ikhlaas is pure Tawheed which explains the immense benefits. Prophet Muhammad PBUH has said “The love for this Surah will admit you into Jannah.” (Tirmidhi).

Surah Khafiroon: Equivalent to reciting a quarter of the Quran. Protects from shirk.

Surahs Falaq and Naas: Protection from all kinds of worldly evil such as envy, black magic & jinns.


Tea Bag Dish

Perfect for a tea lover – this is a celebration of classic floral patterns brought up to date with delightful design. Fresh, fun, dainty and retro-inspired. This will work perfectly with our Tea for One Hamper or Blue Willow ‘Mum i Love You’ mug. 

Chasing Rainbows Tote Bag

Stock up on this mood-boosting tote bag. Featuring our vibrant Chasing Rainbows print on a sky blue background and the quote that reads ‘Good Vibes Only’.


Busy Being Dad Mug

It’s always nice to show him you care no matter what the occasions when it comes to showing some love to Dads and a mug somehow always hits the spot  In a clean white with swipes of electric blue, shimmering gold and the quote ‘busy being a dad’. We know it will forever be his mug of choice.


Scottish Fine Soaps Company Au Lait Milk Bath Powder

The Au Lait collection from The Scottish Fine Soap Company blends the goodness of real milk with a touch of French chic to nourish and soften your skin.

Indulge in a wonderfully moisturising, relaxing bath with the Milk Bath powder enriched with chamomile. The creamy white bubbles will leave you feeling rejuvenated, hydrated and smelling absolutely gorgeous. The stunning milk churn packaging makes this a fabulous gift and a statement piece in any bathroom.


Scottish Fine Soaps Company Au Lait Body Milk

The Au Lait collection from The Scottish Fine Soap Company blends the goodness of real milk with a touch of French chic to nourish and soften your skin. 

Pamper yourself with the nourishing body milk, packaged in a quirky glass milk bottle, which is enriched in almond oil and cocoa butter for maximum hydration. With it’s fresh delicate smell this body milk restores your skin’s natural glow as well as nourishing and softening your skin. 


Queen Bee Mug

A buzzworthy gift for sure! Gift this ever so elegant gold and cream Queen Bee mug, which will definitely stand out from the rest and become their favourite mug of choice! The mug is perfectly crafted with a gold Queen Bee, gold Crown and gold rims around the mug. 


Little Lamb Bamboo Spoons

A set of 3 baby feeding spoons made from 100% planet-friendly bamboo and accompanied by our adorable Little Lamb design.


Little Lamb Bamboo Plate

Beautiful baby plate made from 100% planet-friendly bamboo and accompanied by an adorable Little Lamb design.


Tea Time is Mum’s Time

A new addition to our Tea for One range but this time it’s only for mums! This simple aesthetic which blends seamlessly into the modern home. A fashionable monochrome palette sits alongside gold which adds touches of sparkle. 

A positive and stylish gift which adds a touch of quirky glamour to everyday homeware items.


Chasing Rainbows Compact Mirror

Create smiles all round with this Chasing Rainbows compact mirror, featuring soft white stars bordering a sky blue background, drawing attention to the vibrant rainbow in the centre. Plus the quote ‘Turn that frown upside down’ in a white and pink font.