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Mini Grooming Kit

An elegantly designed compact grooming kit, perfect for those long travels or on the go emergencies. Our grooming kit is made with your dapper man in mind and is a lovely addition to any gift for someone with a busy lifestyle.


99 Names of Allah Art By Saleha

Specially selected artwork by Canadian artist Saleha Patel called 99 Names of Allah – “Allah swt has 99 names and anyone who learns them will enter paradise”- Prophet Muhammad PBUH 

Faith changes the way we understand reality.
With the current global situation, its easy to look at things the way everyone sees it. We have to look at any trial such as the current one with the lense of imaan.
Iman is more than believing in God. Each of His names is suited for every situation.

He is al-Wali, guardian, “my friend who will protect me”

He is Ar-Razzaq, the provider, “He will provide for me”.


No matter how unsafe everyone else feels, “I know allah is there and he will protect me”. We should review the names of allah to attain comfort and strengthen our imaan. While everyone is in a state of hysteria, we can stay calm because we have imaan.

Islam isn’t just about trusting Allah and sitting back. He teaches us caution. Use common sense. Our religion teaches us responsibility. Do what you have to do but stay true to your morals. This current trial may affect our livelihood, health, safety etc. It may disrupt our life in many ways… But remember to always have a good opinion of Allah. Think back at all the times you were in a difficult situation and remember how he brought you out of it.

So how can we entertain the thought that he will abandon us now?
Reviewing the names of Allah and understanding the meanings will help provide comfort and strengthen our faith inshaAllah


Marmalade of London Pink Pepper & Plum Luxury Candle

A luxuriously elegant glass candle with a rich Black Pomegranate, layered with Plum, on a base of Cardamon.

This makes a great gift and fits in any home with it’s elegant design.



Girl Power Pencil Pack

Get your hands on this set of six Girl Power pencils in shades of empowering pink with inspiring quotes.

Preserved White Rose Stem

Simplistic and elegant White Amorosa Rose is timeless and beautiful. Why wouldn’t it be as it lasts a minimum of 6 months and up to 1 year. Although it’s been known to have lasted much longer. 

Encased in a acetate box for protection this makes a fantastic gift.


Little Lamb Blanket

This foldable baby blanket is simply adorable inspired by one of our favourite Farmyard Friends. Soft to touch and a must have sleep essential…


Tea Time is Me Time

A new addition to our Tea for One range with this simple aesthetic which blends seamlessly into the modern home. A fashionable monochrome palette sits alongside gold which adds touches of sparkle. 

A positive and stylish gift which adds a touch of quirky glamour to everyday homeware items.


Little Lamb Comforter & Rattle Set

This baby gift set features the cute little lamb design in a neutral colourway and is part of our Farmyard Friends collection. The cuddly duo includes a soft rattle and matching comforter.