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The Mubarak London Story

It all came to life in early 2015 when two sisters Deena and Shazida, both active home makers with children rushed off their feet, sat for a cup of tea in North London browsing the depths of social media and the world wide web. They struck up a conversation that a posh hamper style company would do great but without the hamper basket and cellophane and with gifts that really were appealing to the Muslim consumer which offered luxurious products and a fabulous gift receiving experience that everyone would love!

The conversation soon evolved into an idea which then swiftly became a business model. They acted upon on their adrenalin rush and made their vision real with late night planning sessions and in searching for suppliers all started to come together Alhamdulillah.

After many pondering sessions of what to call the business Shazida came up with Mubarak and then Deena started giving the name an identity with a clean black and white branding and the signature grosgrain black ribbon.

The name was there, the branding complete and the business model was also done – before they knew they had also managed to secure top brands that supplied to big names such as Harrods and Fortnum and Masons. The sisters wanted to drive this brand strongly and give it an identity that Muslims will not only feel like they have the confidence in buying due to its Halal promise but also offering a brand which is not on the high street and premium.

So today after all the emails, phone calls and working into the early hours of the morning they have created a brand, a name and place which offers beautiful gifts and the Halal buying confidence all wrapped up with a bow…