Halal Hampers


We take many steps to ensure our products are within the teachings of the Islamic jurisprudence and faith to ensure you are buying with confidence.


Where possible we will take on Halal certified products if they are suitable for Mubarak London however please be assured that non certified products still undergo a list of procedures with the supplier to ensure they are halal and suitable…

Buying Confidence

Our product selections are of a luxury position and some of our suppliers have never thought about the Muslim/halal consumer market.
Therefore they would not specifically have applied to be Halal certified
but are suitable for vegetarians (or even vegans).


Although we do not sell majority meat products, we thoroughly check what kinds of emulsifiers and other ingredients are part of any edible or beauty range that Mubarak London offer, ensuring they are suitable for our consumers.

Here to listen

Trusting the food you eat to the products you use on yourself is a basic human need, and one we place of importance at Mubarak London, that’s our Halal Promise Insha’allah.

Behind the brand are still just human beings and we are always striving to learn from our customers too. Where we have the best intention in all we do we can get it wrong sometimes or we may need to improve – we are all ears to take on your feedback!

If you feel you need more clarification we would be more than happy the share more detailed about our products with you, simply email us at enquiries@mubaraklondon.com

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