Now now, this blog may seem like an attempt to toot one’s horn (more specifically ours), but if we don’t tell you one of our best kept ‘secrets’ you’ll spend forever on the internet looking for the perfect gift for the little ones.

We at Mubarak London usually aim to present luxury products, mainly for the adults…but that made us think why not the kids?! So here it goes, an insight into one of our unique boxes which we like to call The Chocolate Surprise Gift Box.

At just £40 the box itself contains:-

  1. A Ceramic cup with a lovely bright face on it, to match your little one’s personality!
  2. Vanilla Biscuits, made with all natural ingredients in the shape of an animal (you, of course, get a choice of what animal you prefer)
  3. A beautiful silver spoon jammed right into a block of choc, topped with sprinkles (!!) creating a chocolate stirrer for when you’re rummaging through the cupboard to give them a treat on a cold winter’s day. But wait there’s more to this so READ ON…
Let’s start off in order then, so you get a good idea of what to expect.

Firstly, we cannot stress how high quality the cups are. They are both dishwasher and microwave safe, which means you don’t have to worry about the pictures fading or the cup cracking. Moreover, this is a great way to encourage your little ones to progress from a sippy cup to an ‘adult’ cup, making them feel all grown up!


Secondly, the biscuits are ideal for those after school snacks or for picnics, as they’re quite lightweight and also easy to pop into a handbag. We’re sure that they’ll make for a tasty snack when your little one feels a bit peckish! Just remember sharing is caring! So be sure to pass those biscuits around.

We all love chocolate…a bit too much I suppose. It’s, therefore, no surprise that we had to include it in our box. This velvety chocolate block is sure to leave everyone licking their lips. Oh and chewing on the yummy sprinkles too. Be sure to top it off with some marshmallows and cream for the ultimate finish. But of course, remember to say Bismillah! To serve as a reminder and a lovely keepsake, we engraved this beautiful teaching right onto the spoon. Hopefully, that also makes it easier to identify.


With all of our boxes comes our signature Mubarak London packaging a clean crisp white, topped with an elegant black ribbon, so that you or a loved one can be sure it’s a unique gift from the very start.


Don’t just take our word – these fab pictures were taken by Stepinsidemyhandbag who done a fabulous review on the product too so click here to see what she thought.