When we were planning our Hajj and Umrah collections we knew that we had to include products that were trusted, practical and of quality so we partnered with Hajjsafe. A company that creates its own products that are suitable for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims and all the essentials needed for them, so that you’re all ready to go on your beautiful trip!

We ask Brother Kamal, CEO of Hajjsafe for an insight into the company he created.


Q1. How did you come up with the idea of  Hajjsafe?

Hajjsafe, as a brand, developed from a single product. This is the anti-theft IHRAM belt. The idea to develop an anti-theft IHRAM belt came from when a friend called me up one night. He told me how his relative had had their belt cut and had lost all his belongings including his passport! He asked me a question that started the whole design process. Is there a solution to this?

Now, 7 years on, we have 10 different Hajjsafe products in the range. These products are designed for men, women and children. We are still developing more products, especially our unscented products range.  

I went to Hajj in 2010 and when I came back I was determined to produce something useful as a guide. It only took me 2 years! This was mainly because I also had a full-time teaching job and was developing the Hajj Safe range of products. But alhamdulillah we now have our fourth modified version of the guide.  People seem to really like it and find it useful.

When I travelled for Hajj in 2010 I found lots and lots of information on health and also packing guides for Hajj. However, there was nothing that was in one document or nothing that was illustrated and easy to read. Some documents were very technical and things that a doctor would find hard to understand.


Q2. What are some common questions/misconceptions about Hajj?

I think people do not fully understand how physically challenging Hajj will be and how you need to be pretty fit and do some training before going. By training, I mean going out for walks that last an hour.       

Some days during Hajj you will be walking for a few hours at a time. In our health and safety guide we outline some of the distances that are covered during Hajj. Our advice is to speak with people who have already gone to hajj about their experiences.


Q3. Do you have any advice for first-time Hajj goers?

Take a neck pillow, a good one. This will help you be comfortable and rest when you are doing all the travelling and waiting around between journeys.


Q4. Why did you team up with Mubarak London?

We love what Mubarak London do with putting quality products and brands together in a kit for the comfort and ease of customers. Mubarak London has done something different with their Hajj Hamper, and I would personally like to try some of those Gourmet Dates!


Be sure to check out and download the hajj guides put together by Brother Kamal and his team for further advice on your hajj trip and what to look out for.

HajjSafe_HajjPacking List

HajjSafe_HajjAid Guide Booklet


With us becoming closer to this blessed time each and every day, we at Mubarak London hope that Allah Almighty accepts your hajj and your duas for your loved ones, Ameen! And of course, from all of us here, we wish you all a very happy Eid, one filled with smiles, joy and hugs! Eid Mubarak in advance insha allah!!