This year we wanted to do something different for our Ramadan and Eid product launch, something that not only engages people with the new collections but also get a better understanding of the brand and us who work on it!

That’s when the idea of having an intimate and elegant lunch came about but not just for bloggers and influencers but some of our Saturday Support winners who are small start up businesses to help them network as well as hopefully inspire them too.

The event was held at Gordon Ramsay’s York and Albany in North London. We had a fabulous private room for our guests which was elegant and had the character we were looking for. We were excited to say the least and it was time to convey the excitement through our invites to our guests to be (e-invite above)

Our guests consists of people who have wholeheartedly supported us from the beginning to those who simply love the brand and concept!

Β Β 

So when the day came, we were very apprehensive (if you’ve ever hosted an event you know the feeling right). We were thinking if people will actually turn up or blow us out on the day but to our surprise it was a fantastic turnout and in fact the blow out was more on our side!!! YUP, co founder Shazida’s kids decided to have allergy reactions and fall ill on what was one of our most anticipated day (i feel kids have this six sense when they know their parents are going somewhere fun/exciting that they have to somehow add some complications to the fun) – Oh and the kids were fine the next day (sigh!!!)

Nonetheless me (Deena) and my husband were ready for this so we took everyone through a little ‘history’ about Mubarak London and how it all started (wasn’t boring promise) to explaining why and how we came up with this years Ramadan/Eid collections. The response was very humbling to see especially with 2 of our guests from JWT Intelligence.

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence is a new specialized practice at the J. Walter Thompson Company, offering a unique blend of research, innovation and data analytics across its global network and 2 of the UK Directors were keen to understand our business. They were impressed by our concept as well as finding it incredibly insightful networking with our other guests – so all in all thumbs up!

The Act of Kindness Challenge

Like many events, attendees go, network, learn and then at the end get some goodies to take home with them. However we were adamant not to leave it like that, we wanted our attendees to literally take this Mubarak London experience with them and truly feel – so what does that mean?

After our desserts we gave each attendee and blank card and a pen and requested that they think of one person who they may have lost contact with, not seen in a while etc to whom we would then take the card (with their message on) and deliver a Mubarak London gift to their chosen recipient as a surprise gift to make them smile and act of kindness..

The surprise gifts are still going out slowly so it’s great getting all the response back on how their recipients were sentimental about them as well as overjoyed of course.

Overall the event not only was ‘bang’ on schedule which we were very happy about but was also a great time to speak to the people who support us and also get the chance to show our personalities too.

So the big question, would we do it again…? ABSOLUTELY!!!


Adorable balloons by TheBalloonLab