Mubarak London is still very much in its infancy stage as a business although we have come far on a short space of time and in 2016 we decided it was time to create something a little more exciting and a campaign which raised our brand’s profile.

In December 2016 we launched our very own TV advert which aired prime time on Islam Channel TV, the perfect target audience or us. The aim of this campaign was trying to get more Muslims to become aware of Mubarak London and make them curious enough to find out more by visiting our website.

It wasn’t exactly a mainstream brand type of an advert of course as we were still a start up so we couldn’t be too ambitious however the campaign certainly raised our profile. We increased our brand awareness not only in the UK but also Internationally which was great for us.

Launching our first TV Campaign was certainly and experience, we were used to planning mood boards and sets set designs for photoshoots but this was a lot different and needed even more meticulous planning. Each shot you see has been created on purpose, a story board was also created to ensure we had something to follow and we achieve what we set out to do in this campaign.

The things you don’t see…

Doing campaigns like these also means having a lot of patience because getting the right shot can sometime take hours! It;s amazing to see a 30 second advert you’ve created which took more than 10 hours and that’s just us some major big brands can take weeks or even months creating that amazing 30 second advert you’ve seen on the TV!

Finding the right hands!
Yes – we were even in search of the right hands and knew we would probably have to hire a hand model (no we’re not making it up, there are actually hand models!!). However to our relief we just happened to have the best pair of hands right under our noses. We ran a couple of test shots with our Photographer and friend who has been close to the brand from the start and with much excitement were were delighted that her immaculate and delicate hands was a winner for sure!

To speak, or not to speak?
That, was certainly a question we asked ourselves a lot after during the edit! The editing process is exciting but tideous and it takes many tooing and froing before you are satisfied with the final edit. The end frame of the ad is our tag line:

‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it…’

However we were deliberating whether we should use a voice over for this end frame and then a whole new set of questions were thrown:

  • Should the voice be male or female?
  • What should the tone be?
  • Any accents?

After several attempts we settled with what we thought suited the brand and felt that it worked, the end result is here you so go ahead and watch it and let us know what you thought about our first attempt at a budget ad?

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